Tuesday, 16 November 2010

british museum

A place that i will like knows is the British museum in London, is a place with much history. Collections and exhibitions from all words you can find n the museum.
The British museum is, perhaps, the great museum at the word.
The museum has great collection of old Egypt and old Greece
The British Museum was founded in 1753, the first national public museum in the world.
It was its opening the museum never to close except in the two words wars. Now the british museum resive near of five thousand person for a year.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Greatest Chilean

I believe that the more great chilean of all time, is a person very important for the history of country.
In my opinion the more greates chilean of all time is Pirulete. this person is a caricature of Guido Vallejos in the comisc barrabases.
The team captain, scorer par excellence, a favorite of the fans and critics. Pirulete is the player who as captain struggle every day to be an example to follow, it is a great athlete with a tremendous love for his jersey and a great person. Pirulete is the scorer of the team and is responsible for most wins Barrabes.
Pirulete is an excellent athlete example for everyone, scorer and one of the most important players in the world
Pirulete is importan becose thanks to him, was world champion Chile, being their captain and top scorer.
I would ask many question to Pirulete, but, for me the question more important is what di youfeel, to win the world football cup?
Other important person is Mr. Pipa. This is the Couch of barrabases team and chilean team tah win the world football cup. Is a Ex-footballer also is a excellent person

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

famous person or a historical figure

The famous person or a historical figure that i would like to meet is Alejandro Magno, the great mecedinian general that conquerest all word know for greeg, to be more of tow thousand tree hundread years ago. I would like to meet them becose, i think that Alejandro magno was a person many advance for the age, and that dead young with thirty tree years old. I woul like know how he dead? And that would be the word if Alejandro Magno was would not dead younger?
I would speak with him about that why he would like conquest all word? And if he would like conquest Roma?, i speak with him if he was bad o good or that have of two things and wahy he would like trascendency in the time. For me Alejandro magno is a person more trascendency in the occident history becose he wasthe precurson of all greeg culture in the word.
I think meeting this person would be interesting becose Alejandro Magno have, historicaly, things very good and things bad, tough when he was married with a persian woman, for promote that greek men and persian men was equalities or tough he was pillage and destruit persepolis a persian city. I think that is a good figure for learn of her and very interesting becose he was do many thing of a history.


What to do or where to go in Santiago? It is s question do not more difficult for request.
In Santiago, though big city, exist many thing that one a person can be, but santiago can be a unic city also.
Exist many place that a foreigner can visit in Santiago, for esample the turist can visit th e Bellavista district or the Lastarria district, when your can live part of the party culture. The turist can go to valle nevado, a snow park, in july, august, september and firsts day of october, the metropolitan park of santiago is a good place for visit also, the central market, beatiful art museum, the historical center, all place and other the foreigner can visit.
I think that thing should a foreigner tourist do, it is go to parties and eat much, climb the around mountain, skate in the snow, for me the better time for visit santiago is between july and october. The turist also should dance cueca, the typical dancing in central zone of chile.
The top five, place or activities, is for me:
Climb the mountain manquehue, becose is not difficult and the place is wonderfull and you can see all Santiago also.
Visit the Tejas bar, becose you can live the typical chilean drinking and culture of Santiago.
Visit the Hierba Loca sanctuary, yuo can see the native flora and fauna, and beatiful landscape.
Go to Concha y Toro district, a beatifull place with a many excelent coofes and much cultural manifestation.
Go to football Chilean match and live all passion that a futball match can give.


I am not a fan of shoppin, big or small, but i love going to out door shops. I rarely buy things becose it is very expencive but always see this kind of shops. I like this kind of shop becose altough i love go to rustic place and these shops have many thing tha it is useful. In this shop you can find special clothes, for the rain or for the cool for the hot, special bag, things to climb and others thing that you can use in outdoor place. Shops though Doite, Le-co stiff, northface and other is special foa outdorr activity. But I do not know any “pica” of this kind.
Alsio i love the free fairs, where you can find nearly any thing. Things though out door instrumental. Until i sell some time.
I went there for the firs time was for a special bag but i do not remember vey good, but always i go to see this kind of shop.
How often i buy something, when i have money and i am buy other things, it is never almost.
The last time that i went to boy a shop it was in the last summer, when i went to panguipulli, i was need some thing though gas for camping kitchen. This was the last thing that buys in this kind of shop.
I think that i like this kind of shop becose is funny see the special thing tha can use for the out door activities, i do enjoy.

Fiestas patrias

I prefer write about a fiestas patrias memory when i was younger. I did have fifteen or fourteen yeras old, i went with my family, my parents, my sister and my brother to El Asiento town in San Felipe city, when my mather family live. The place is a very rural, and in the fiel the fiestas patrias is very goods, the partie is very enjoy.
I and a good friendwent to Guaton Loyola Fonda in Los Andes, but as was very expencive better we went to Saonde Fonda in Putaendo, also famous. In the place dancing and drinking with others friends, every super good but altough we went to home, in the tome of photografy we were fall a seat in ours head. I was beleave tah fall a foco from the ceiling. We were seeing a seat in the floor and a men escaping. The finally the piliceman cash to men and we were com to ours house with a bump in the head.

These fiestas patrias is memorable becose i was enjoy very good and the seat in the head was enjoying.

My past fiestas patrias is also enjoy, less extreme but more joyfuls

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A perfect day

A perfect day is a day where all thing finish good . i would spend this day with my girl friend Camila, but as is a perfect day i beleave that is include although my family and my friends, but always the grates part this day i spend with my girl friend. I would spend day with my girl friends because is a person that i,m with better. And always the special day more important of my life it was with she.
I do not have a special place where go, but for some time I go to a wildlife sanctuary that i know. Because is a wonderfull place very pretty that it is in a mountain with a good view. I beleave that it is a wonderfull place for reflections and enjoy.
I like to climb this mountain, on a horse, visit archaeological sites and nature trails are in the sanctuary, see the millenearies cypres. I will Camping, cook, take a drink and await the dawn qith a mate, reflection and good talk. All this thing for me it would is a prefect day.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

student demostrations

The student were demonstrations because is the first option for to express their point of view to society or the politic order. The demonstrations can be for different reasons such as opposition or afraid about a law or action of the governments or the politic of the university or school or in opposition about an action company. It is much reason for student demonstrations in my opinion the great majority justified.
Now the student demonstrations are in opposition about an intention of government for get it out the fourteen percent of financing to publics universities; to privatize, more and more, the educations.
I am absolutely convinced that the education, school education and university school, has to be stimulate for state and government. The municipal education has to be replaced for a state education and the university education has to be partial or totality financed for the state so I am totally agree with the demonstrations.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I remember that: when i was, more or less, sixteen year old, i went to start of rally mobil in the main square of San felipe city (a midle city to one hundread kilometer, to nort of Santiago, in the Aconcahua valley). I remember also that went with my better friends in the first midle, Pedro and Alfonso. I was in my house when my friends Alfonso came to search me for go to see the rally mobil started in main square, where Pedro join the group.
In the sport event i enyoyed much, were great expectancyin the square. All people expected the token car lift (becose the true car lift it was in other place, outside city, and was a one day later) i expected see the wonderfull car becose the rally is the unic car sport that like me and always loved to see a rally car. I remember that cars was parking for that people to saw.
I rememeber that i decide to go at rally mobil started becose first i loved the rally, second i has not nothin more that to make and it was friday in the night, i would not was a Friday in the night in my house.
I ejoyed very much, had music, beatifull car, and all things related with car event. A one bad thing was that i would loved go to watch a real competition but nobody wanted to go with me.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

i will like to

i will like to climb at glacier in Antartic continent, is exciting.
is realy interesting climb in a mountain above if rain or to snow, this things at come the climb more exciting, then climb a glacier in a antartic mountain is the experience more wonderfull for peoople that liked climb.
a glacier climbing experience should be very difficult, for wich there are ready with a great phisical and psicologycal condition, also there have a implement , as special clothe and other things such as shoes with piton and ice ax, special rope, helmet and others thing. Also a good economic condition and posibilitiy for go at glacier place . i believe than all difficult duplicate in a exdpedition in the antartic continents.
I think that i am not prepared for a experiencie of such magnitude (economic,phisical, psicological and instrumental),i am almost much for a proof too much difficult for me, i feel not ready in the moment. Believe that with a time for preparation and money, is possible that can climb a antartic glacier.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Rugby union is a full contact team sport, a form of football which originated in England in the early 19th century. One of the codes of rugby football, it is based on running with the ball in hand. It is played with an oval-shaped ball, outdoors on a level field, usually with a grass surface, up to 100 metres long and 70 metres wide.On each goal line are H-shaped goal posts.
Rugby union is played between two teams, each of which starts the match with 15 players on the field. During the match, players may be replaced or substituted (A player who has been replaced may not rejoin play unless he was temporarily replaced to have bleeding controlled; a player who has been substituted may return temporarily, to replace a player who has a blood injury, or permanently, if he is replacing a front-row forward

Chile 1 Honduras 0

The match between Chile and Honduras was very ecxiting, i remember that saw the match, first match of chile in the world cup, in the university. the first time i was watch in the Titanic build and second tima i was watch in the auditorium.
first ia waas with my friends andres, dennis, david and natalia and after i was watch the match with my girl friend and his friends Yessenia and Paz, and my friends Rodrigo and Fernanda.
i liked the game was beatiful see again the chilean team selection ina a new word cup
apart from chile played very good missed more gol.
the better of chiel was the touch and search the victorry for at all
the worst was that chiel not well defined so here was not much scoring.
I would have liked to play Humberto Suazo. without the lack of definition is very large. think also that chile, to most, it lacks physical power state, But the Chilean technique I think is very good.
to be World Cup champion, we lack even a long way. there are other teams such as Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, we are light years ahead. but I hope to see my country world champion one day

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


To see, that I should talking you now. Exist many thing of which would could talk.
Already i know. I will speak about football word cup
As everyone know the word cup get started the June eleven with the match between South African and Mexico that end one to one. This match no it was very good at the football but, for me, in the second time it was exciting with South African better played than Mexico. I would liked that winner was South African for be the organizer and because I don’t like the Mexican I fell very bad.
The important in this World cup is, for any Chilean, the participation of team selection Chile and, for me, the other teams selections of South American but first Chile. I really nervous and anxious for see the match of Chile with Honduras, I am organizing with my friends to watch the matches of Chile. A match that liked me was Germany versus Australia, the better match of cup until now.
Now in the match of Chile to support Chile to win the golden cup

Monday, 7 June 2010

the best holiday

uu. I have many holidays that are very good, so hard for me to decide for one.so I decided on one that was very special for me. these were in Puerto Montt two years ago in summer. camila, my girlfriend invited me to spend the summer home of the South. I was in the month of February. there I meet his southern family. i was bothering a whole month at home,best thing is that I was very well received. I became very good friend of the cousins camila. also of Puerto Montt I went to visit Puerto Varas, Frutillar llanquihue and Ensenada. I remember that in Ensenada, that day we saw a lunar eclipse. the landscape was very Bakan, because besides the eclipse was the lake and the Osorno volcano, the landscape was beautiful.I also ate a very delicious meal, Curanto, chapaleles, potatoes, seafood, cheese and many other types of meals, all really delicious, now, to remind me hungry. i remember that a day we went to the beach but in this moment it rained,anyway, we wnt to sea but almost finished ipotermia. Was very very enjoy.
I remember that holiday because they were very special to me. was the first time I went on holiday for so long time with my girlfriend. This produced a very special holiday. So if someone invited me anymore XD

favourite geography subject .

the best class for me is camellon class with the teacher camellon. no, seriously speaking. the class than more liked me was conservation of the environment and degraded areas, one and two, with teacher Rodrigo Vargas Rona better known as "should buy an auto perico",Nickname we gave him to my friends. I enjoyed because had much field trip where i learned a lot, thing will serve me and also i did know best to my classmate. it was class very special. also gain very practical knowledge.
in this semester i feel than learned english, i beleave than class where learned more, is not stroke back to the teacher. the back semesster with coservation of the environment and degreed areas i learn to that is, measure, treat, predict, a gully
and other forms of erotion and and how to work in groups to the field trip.
I beleave that conservation of the environment and degreed areas class and knwonledge will serve to work in the future.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Good Friend

My friends is Raul Atudillo; live in El Asiento, a Town of San Felipe Province in the valley of Aconcahua. he is mechanical automotris but work of heavy equipment operator at a midle mine in the same place. he did not want to go to university to specialize, because he likes it than make.
Whe i was a child, went of vacation to El Asiento, so we're friend by thirteen or fourteen years more or less. long time for me.
when I lived in San Felipe city, we saw coninued,we were nail and grime, but now wee see rarely time in the years.
I think we complement each other very well. sosotros we laugh a lot, we councils, and we thoroughly enjoyed. the truth. I do not know why we are good friends but we are as brothers.
when we were children, went to hunt, to treck for the mountain, to campain with other friend of group, and did many antics, a good memories. More largest, we went to parties, hunt to girls, and did the same things as boys, but we started to have a new activity, pishing than make when we have some time.
he is funny, Polite, friendly, knows many people, sociable and other things that make it a very good friend.

Why I decided to study Geography

I wanted to study anthropology for archaeologist, it was my first option Geography was my second option because searched other careers geography found, than for the knew was a career super ecologica an area that I liked a too. And as there in anthropology finished studying geography.
nobody helped me to take my decision my family always have than I can make good decisions.
in first year as I wanted to study anthropology had many doubt. But now, i'm happy and don't go anywhere.
i love it biogeography but also related to natural environment there is a forest science magister in ANTUMAPU about wild areas and nature conservation than would like make some time in the future.
good is my histori with geography bye
postscrip i'm can't put any photo, not know because

Monday, 17 May 2010

Field Trip

The last week i went with my classmate to pichilemu city for a field trip.
In Pichilemu i did make survey to people and spoke about the earthquake and seaquake of the 27 of febreary and did enjoy very much of share with my friends and classmate a of the parties, of the dinner and of a small match of football in the beach.
the most interesting part of the field trip was cover the petrel lagoon and saw the differents kind of birds than live in the lake.
I learnt about the dificulty of get agree and of the experience of the people than live in pichilemu.
I lovet pichilemu and would like to me live in pichilemu, but not for mutch time though is a beatiful place.
i was like than wi stayed more time in pichilemu, i enjoyed mutch of the company of my classmate and more in pichilemu. was a good experience than like me repeat.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Revise Post

Here comes the sun is a song by The Beatles and in this moment it's my favorite song.

The beatles is a band formed in 1957 and they made revolution on the history music with your rythm and style rock pop.
My mom and dad are a very big fans of this band and, thank for that , i heard the song fo the first time, i think it was when i have 15 years old (i hear before, but i don't undestood that).

I listen this song all most every day, because i haved in my mp3 and when i travel in subway in the pick time this song lifts my spirit.

I like this song because is about lifts the spirit after the bad thing is gone and, like the title of the song said, always the sun is come back.

Ok.. here comes the song... I hope you enjoy it

Fran i would can't found nothing error in your post. you are very good in english for me

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Review and Revise

the firs impression this blog is a very colorful and tidy his page is all organized though his look is enjoyable. Have six post with five photographs and two video.th design i like very well though is a little femenine for me. to compare with my blog is made good much. the post of the fran than more like me was about the song than more like in this moment because the song is very good. it's the song is "Here comes the Sun" of the beatles and though i like the rock a little more strong, the groupfrom leverpool are a the best group for the history.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An Activity You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time.

One of my favourite free time activities is drawing food. i don't draw many good but i effort for make good. i don't draw many often, i make, so so, one draw for month, but in occaision draw more often. draw come of family for my father and my sister are good drawings. i started whit the draw, so so, when i'm in basic fith our more good i discovery than have a few of talent. i enjoy is hobby because relax me and to express many sentiment with the draw. And even if they do well is always better to try

Wayne Rooney injury tempers Sir Alex Ferguson's delight

Wayne Rooney did see the Victory of Manchester United's 3-1 over Tottenham for a injure from a box at stadium Old Trafford.
The player would was out of smatch for two our three weeks, it’s comlpicate at Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United than fightening the league with Chelsea.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A good movie

I seen recetly the movie "furious of titan".in the last wikend i went at hoyts cinema of agustinas to see the movie. it about the hero perseo, of the greg mytologie, and his fight with the god hades for salvation of grece.
in the movie perseo is son of zeus thith the mortal woman, and is abandoned to be born. A fisherman find the boy and the breeding as his own son. how grow perseo, hades kill his family adoptive and he know than is a demigod. In this way beging his revenge against hades and other gods and by shants save to grece. for that he fight with giants scorpions, a monster envoy for hades, medusa, a woman with hairs of snike and than transform to all the than see, and finally,for his revange and salvation for grece, must kill at the big monster "the kraken", a monster than until the gods afraid.
I liked it because it is a very entertaining movie with good special effects, special to go see the cinema

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A memorable date in chilean history

hello my brothers, now i say my history about the earthquake of the 27 of febreary.
I was in the frieds house, whith my brother, the girl friend my brother, my sister Tati, my frieds owner house and girl friend of the owner house. we were eating pizza and talking many thing, how in the moment the earthquake begin. my frieds owner house will to search his mother in the house. i felt the wave in the soil, for me it was fun, but i think in my loved ones and others feeling born, fear, concern, aguish, for there. for luck can talk wiht my family for celphone but with my girl frieds ( she was in Puerto montt city) can´t talk, thing than worried me much. finally can spoke with camila to the two pm. then i could relax.

over time looked for radio the disaster than leaved the earthquake.

i think than the authorities were wrong in some thing and than there many information than we will not know in long long time

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My favourite song at the moment is "pull" of the band Blind Melon. the song it's of the album "Nico" to publish in 1996 after of the death of Shanoon Hoon, siger of the band, in 1995.
Blind Melon is a band of alternative rock, was formed in the unite states the year 1985, they got activity to 1995, year of the death of shanoon hoon. but in 2006 the band was reformed with a new vocalist travis warren.
their discografy is
1992. Blind Melon
1995. Soup
1996. Nico
2005. Tones Of Home: The best of Blind Melon
2006. Live At The Capitol
2008. For My Friends

the single more popular is "No Rain", that song appear in a announce tv of sane nuss.

i don't remember how i heard the song fore firts time, but in the last time listen to song sometime.
i like for the mixing of the different musical instrument

Lyric "Pull"

Pull you down now

Knees knelt, I got my arms open wide
I got the shades turned, so the colors die
No, don't hold too tight to the reel
Cause it's a big one boy
Its' gonna pull you down now
Pull you down now

No, the cook can't look
No, the cook can't look
No, no cause he's keeping his eye on the kettle

In deed he will be around
When you or you or you feel the need to feel
Pull you down now

Well I live more than what you'll ever know
But I'll give you more than what I'll ever show
I live more than what you'll ever know
And I give you more that what I'll ever show

More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

the class of fg

the class of fg is acount about my class of english nivel tree with the teacher Simond O'higgins.
I hope learn