Monday, 7 June 2010

the best holiday

uu. I have many holidays that are very good, so hard for me to decide for I decided on one that was very special for me. these were in Puerto Montt two years ago in summer. camila, my girlfriend invited me to spend the summer home of the South. I was in the month of February. there I meet his southern family. i was bothering a whole month at home,best thing is that I was very well received. I became very good friend of the cousins camila. also of Puerto Montt I went to visit Puerto Varas, Frutillar llanquihue and Ensenada. I remember that in Ensenada, that day we saw a lunar eclipse. the landscape was very Bakan, because besides the eclipse was the lake and the Osorno volcano, the landscape was beautiful.I also ate a very delicious meal, Curanto, chapaleles, potatoes, seafood, cheese and many other types of meals, all really delicious, now, to remind me hungry. i remember that a day we went to the beach but in this moment it rained,anyway, we wnt to sea but almost finished ipotermia. Was very very enjoy.
I remember that holiday because they were very special to me. was the first time I went on holiday for so long time with my girlfriend. This produced a very special holiday. So if someone invited me anymore XD


  1. Jajajajaja
    very beatifull my love!
    I also think that was a great holiday!
    ONE DAY they will repeat :D

    Kisses (K)(K)(K)

  2. i agree with you, my best holiday it was with my girlfriend! jajajaj