Monday, 17 May 2010

Field Trip

The last week i went with my classmate to pichilemu city for a field trip.
In Pichilemu i did make survey to people and spoke about the earthquake and seaquake of the 27 of febreary and did enjoy very much of share with my friends and classmate a of the parties, of the dinner and of a small match of football in the beach.
the most interesting part of the field trip was cover the petrel lagoon and saw the differents kind of birds than live in the lake.
I learnt about the dificulty of get agree and of the experience of the people than live in pichilemu.
I lovet pichilemu and would like to me live in pichilemu, but not for mutch time though is a beatiful place.
i was like than wi stayed more time in pichilemu, i enjoyed mutch of the company of my classmate and more in pichilemu. was a good experience than like me repeat.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Revise Post

Here comes the sun is a song by The Beatles and in this moment it's my favorite song.

The beatles is a band formed in 1957 and they made revolution on the history music with your rythm and style rock pop.
My mom and dad are a very big fans of this band and, thank for that , i heard the song fo the first time, i think it was when i have 15 years old (i hear before, but i don't undestood that).

I listen this song all most every day, because i haved in my mp3 and when i travel in subway in the pick time this song lifts my spirit.

I like this song because is about lifts the spirit after the bad thing is gone and, like the title of the song said, always the sun is come back.

Ok.. here comes the song... I hope you enjoy it

Fran i would can't found nothing error in your post. you are very good in english for me

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Review and Revise

the firs impression this blog is a very colorful and tidy his page is all organized though his look is enjoyable. Have six post with five photographs and two video.th design i like very well though is a little femenine for me. to compare with my blog is made good much. the post of the fran than more like me was about the song than more like in this moment because the song is very good. it's the song is "Here comes the Sun" of the beatles and though i like the rock a little more strong, the groupfrom leverpool are a the best group for the history.