Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I remember that: when i was, more or less, sixteen year old, i went to start of rally mobil in the main square of San felipe city (a midle city to one hundread kilometer, to nort of Santiago, in the Aconcahua valley). I remember also that went with my better friends in the first midle, Pedro and Alfonso. I was in my house when my friends Alfonso came to search me for go to see the rally mobil started in main square, where Pedro join the group.
In the sport event i enyoyed much, were great expectancyin the square. All people expected the token car lift (becose the true car lift it was in other place, outside city, and was a one day later) i expected see the wonderfull car becose the rally is the unic car sport that like me and always loved to see a rally car. I remember that cars was parking for that people to saw.
I rememeber that i decide to go at rally mobil started becose first i loved the rally, second i has not nothin more that to make and it was friday in the night, i would not was a Friday in the night in my house.
I ejoyed very much, had music, beatifull car, and all things related with car event. A one bad thing was that i would loved go to watch a real competition but nobody wanted to go with me.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

i will like to

i will like to climb at glacier in Antartic continent, is exciting.
is realy interesting climb in a mountain above if rain or to snow, this things at come the climb more exciting, then climb a glacier in a antartic mountain is the experience more wonderfull for peoople that liked climb.
a glacier climbing experience should be very difficult, for wich there are ready with a great phisical and psicologycal condition, also there have a implement , as special clothe and other things such as shoes with piton and ice ax, special rope, helmet and others thing. Also a good economic condition and posibilitiy for go at glacier place . i believe than all difficult duplicate in a exdpedition in the antartic continents.
I think that i am not prepared for a experiencie of such magnitude (economic,phisical, psicological and instrumental),i am almost much for a proof too much difficult for me, i feel not ready in the moment. Believe that with a time for preparation and money, is possible that can climb a antartic glacier.