Tuesday, 26 October 2010

famous person or a historical figure

The famous person or a historical figure that i would like to meet is Alejandro Magno, the great mecedinian general that conquerest all word know for greeg, to be more of tow thousand tree hundread years ago. I would like to meet them becose, i think that Alejandro magno was a person many advance for the age, and that dead young with thirty tree years old. I woul like know how he dead? And that would be the word if Alejandro Magno was would not dead younger?
I would speak with him about that why he would like conquest all word? And if he would like conquest Roma?, i speak with him if he was bad o good or that have of two things and wahy he would like trascendency in the time. For me Alejandro magno is a person more trascendency in the occident history becose he wasthe precurson of all greeg culture in the word.
I think meeting this person would be interesting becose Alejandro Magno have, historicaly, things very good and things bad, tough when he was married with a persian woman, for promote that greek men and persian men was equalities or tough he was pillage and destruit persepolis a persian city. I think that is a good figure for learn of her and very interesting becose he was do many thing of a history.


What to do or where to go in Santiago? It is s question do not more difficult for request.
In Santiago, though big city, exist many thing that one a person can be, but santiago can be a unic city also.
Exist many place that a foreigner can visit in Santiago, for esample the turist can visit th e Bellavista district or the Lastarria district, when your can live part of the party culture. The turist can go to valle nevado, a snow park, in july, august, september and firsts day of october, the metropolitan park of santiago is a good place for visit also, the central market, beatiful art museum, the historical center, all place and other the foreigner can visit.
I think that thing should a foreigner tourist do, it is go to parties and eat much, climb the around mountain, skate in the snow, for me the better time for visit santiago is between july and october. The turist also should dance cueca, the typical dancing in central zone of chile.
The top five, place or activities, is for me:
Climb the mountain manquehue, becose is not difficult and the place is wonderfull and you can see all Santiago also.
Visit the Tejas bar, becose you can live the typical chilean drinking and culture of Santiago.
Visit the Hierba Loca sanctuary, yuo can see the native flora and fauna, and beatiful landscape.
Go to Concha y Toro district, a beatifull place with a many excelent coofes and much cultural manifestation.
Go to football Chilean match and live all passion that a futball match can give.


I am not a fan of shoppin, big or small, but i love going to out door shops. I rarely buy things becose it is very expencive but always see this kind of shops. I like this kind of shop becose altough i love go to rustic place and these shops have many thing tha it is useful. In this shop you can find special clothes, for the rain or for the cool for the hot, special bag, things to climb and others thing that you can use in outdoor place. Shops though Doite, Le-co stiff, northface and other is special foa outdorr activity. But I do not know any “pica” of this kind.
Alsio i love the free fairs, where you can find nearly any thing. Things though out door instrumental. Until i sell some time.
I went there for the firs time was for a special bag but i do not remember vey good, but always i go to see this kind of shop.
How often i buy something, when i have money and i am buy other things, it is never almost.
The last time that i went to boy a shop it was in the last summer, when i went to panguipulli, i was need some thing though gas for camping kitchen. This was the last thing that buys in this kind of shop.
I think that i like this kind of shop becose is funny see the special thing tha can use for the out door activities, i do enjoy.

Fiestas patrias

I prefer write about a fiestas patrias memory when i was younger. I did have fifteen or fourteen yeras old, i went with my family, my parents, my sister and my brother to El Asiento town in San Felipe city, when my mather family live. The place is a very rural, and in the fiel the fiestas patrias is very goods, the partie is very enjoy.
I and a good friendwent to Guaton Loyola Fonda in Los Andes, but as was very expencive better we went to Saonde Fonda in Putaendo, also famous. In the place dancing and drinking with others friends, every super good but altough we went to home, in the tome of photografy we were fall a seat in ours head. I was beleave tah fall a foco from the ceiling. We were seeing a seat in the floor and a men escaping. The finally the piliceman cash to men and we were com to ours house with a bump in the head.

These fiestas patrias is memorable becose i was enjoy very good and the seat in the head was enjoying.

My past fiestas patrias is also enjoy, less extreme but more joyfuls

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A perfect day

A perfect day is a day where all thing finish good . i would spend this day with my girl friend Camila, but as is a perfect day i beleave that is include although my family and my friends, but always the grates part this day i spend with my girl friend. I would spend day with my girl friends because is a person that i,m with better. And always the special day more important of my life it was with she.
I do not have a special place where go, but for some time I go to a wildlife sanctuary that i know. Because is a wonderfull place very pretty that it is in a mountain with a good view. I beleave that it is a wonderfull place for reflections and enjoy.
I like to climb this mountain, on a horse, visit archaeological sites and nature trails are in the sanctuary, see the millenearies cypres. I will Camping, cook, take a drink and await the dawn qith a mate, reflection and good talk. All this thing for me it would is a prefect day.