Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A perfect day

A perfect day is a day where all thing finish good . i would spend this day with my girl friend Camila, but as is a perfect day i beleave that is include although my family and my friends, but always the grates part this day i spend with my girl friend. I would spend day with my girl friends because is a person that i,m with better. And always the special day more important of my life it was with she.
I do not have a special place where go, but for some time I go to a wildlife sanctuary that i know. Because is a wonderfull place very pretty that it is in a mountain with a good view. I beleave that it is a wonderfull place for reflections and enjoy.
I like to climb this mountain, on a horse, visit archaeological sites and nature trails are in the sanctuary, see the millenearies cypres. I will Camping, cook, take a drink and await the dawn qith a mate, reflection and good talk. All this thing for me it would is a prefect day.


  1. You forgot to talk about drawing! Or it would not makle a perfect day too?

  2. yeah, family and girlfriend in the perfect day; jajjajajja. well,..., Bye