Tuesday, 26 October 2010


What to do or where to go in Santiago? It is s question do not more difficult for request.
In Santiago, though big city, exist many thing that one a person can be, but santiago can be a unic city also.
Exist many place that a foreigner can visit in Santiago, for esample the turist can visit th e Bellavista district or the Lastarria district, when your can live part of the party culture. The turist can go to valle nevado, a snow park, in july, august, september and firsts day of october, the metropolitan park of santiago is a good place for visit also, the central market, beatiful art museum, the historical center, all place and other the foreigner can visit.
I think that thing should a foreigner tourist do, it is go to parties and eat much, climb the around mountain, skate in the snow, for me the better time for visit santiago is between july and october. The turist also should dance cueca, the typical dancing in central zone of chile.
The top five, place or activities, is for me:
Climb the mountain manquehue, becose is not difficult and the place is wonderfull and you can see all Santiago also.
Visit the Tejas bar, becose you can live the typical chilean drinking and culture of Santiago.
Visit the Hierba Loca sanctuary, yuo can see the native flora and fauna, and beatiful landscape.
Go to Concha y Toro district, a beatifull place with a many excelent coofes and much cultural manifestation.
Go to football Chilean match and live all passion that a futball match can give.

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