Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I am not a fan of shoppin, big or small, but i love going to out door shops. I rarely buy things becose it is very expencive but always see this kind of shops. I like this kind of shop becose altough i love go to rustic place and these shops have many thing tha it is useful. In this shop you can find special clothes, for the rain or for the cool for the hot, special bag, things to climb and others thing that you can use in outdoor place. Shops though Doite, Le-co stiff, northface and other is special foa outdorr activity. But I do not know any “pica” of this kind.
Alsio i love the free fairs, where you can find nearly any thing. Things though out door instrumental. Until i sell some time.
I went there for the firs time was for a special bag but i do not remember vey good, but always i go to see this kind of shop.
How often i buy something, when i have money and i am buy other things, it is never almost.
The last time that i went to boy a shop it was in the last summer, when i went to panguipulli, i was need some thing though gas for camping kitchen. This was the last thing that buys in this kind of shop.
I think that i like this kind of shop becose is funny see the special thing tha can use for the out door activities, i do enjoy.

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