Tuesday, 26 October 2010

famous person or a historical figure

The famous person or a historical figure that i would like to meet is Alejandro Magno, the great mecedinian general that conquerest all word know for greeg, to be more of tow thousand tree hundread years ago. I would like to meet them becose, i think that Alejandro magno was a person many advance for the age, and that dead young with thirty tree years old. I woul like know how he dead? And that would be the word if Alejandro Magno was would not dead younger?
I would speak with him about that why he would like conquest all word? And if he would like conquest Roma?, i speak with him if he was bad o good or that have of two things and wahy he would like trascendency in the time. For me Alejandro magno is a person more trascendency in the occident history becose he wasthe precurson of all greeg culture in the word.
I think meeting this person would be interesting becose Alejandro Magno have, historicaly, things very good and things bad, tough when he was married with a persian woman, for promote that greek men and persian men was equalities or tough he was pillage and destruit persepolis a persian city. I think that is a good figure for learn of her and very interesting becose he was do many thing of a history.


  1. I was sure you write about Alejandro Magno :)

  2. woooo :O

    Alejandro Magno! marvelous personage of classical history, big building of the antiquity!... I like me too meet to her.