Wednesday, 16 June 2010


To see, that I should talking you now. Exist many thing of which would could talk.
Already i know. I will speak about football word cup
As everyone know the word cup get started the June eleven with the match between South African and Mexico that end one to one. This match no it was very good at the football but, for me, in the second time it was exciting with South African better played than Mexico. I would liked that winner was South African for be the organizer and because I don’t like the Mexican I fell very bad.
The important in this World cup is, for any Chilean, the participation of team selection Chile and, for me, the other teams selections of South American but first Chile. I really nervous and anxious for see the match of Chile with Honduras, I am organizing with my friends to watch the matches of Chile. A match that liked me was Germany versus Australia, the better match of cup until now.
Now in the match of Chile to support Chile to win the golden cup

Monday, 7 June 2010

the best holiday

uu. I have many holidays that are very good, so hard for me to decide for one.so I decided on one that was very special for me. these were in Puerto Montt two years ago in summer. camila, my girlfriend invited me to spend the summer home of the South. I was in the month of February. there I meet his southern family. i was bothering a whole month at home,best thing is that I was very well received. I became very good friend of the cousins camila. also of Puerto Montt I went to visit Puerto Varas, Frutillar llanquihue and Ensenada. I remember that in Ensenada, that day we saw a lunar eclipse. the landscape was very Bakan, because besides the eclipse was the lake and the Osorno volcano, the landscape was beautiful.I also ate a very delicious meal, Curanto, chapaleles, potatoes, seafood, cheese and many other types of meals, all really delicious, now, to remind me hungry. i remember that a day we went to the beach but in this moment it rained,anyway, we wnt to sea but almost finished ipotermia. Was very very enjoy.
I remember that holiday because they were very special to me. was the first time I went on holiday for so long time with my girlfriend. This produced a very special holiday. So if someone invited me anymore XD

favourite geography subject .

the best class for me is camellon class with the teacher camellon. no, seriously speaking. the class than more liked me was conservation of the environment and degraded areas, one and two, with teacher Rodrigo Vargas Rona better known as "should buy an auto perico",Nickname we gave him to my friends. I enjoyed because had much field trip where i learned a lot, thing will serve me and also i did know best to my classmate. it was class very special. also gain very practical knowledge.
in this semester i feel than learned english, i beleave than class where learned more, is not stroke back to the teacher. the back semesster with coservation of the environment and degreed areas i learn to that is, measure, treat, predict, a gully
and other forms of erotion and and how to work in groups to the field trip.
I beleave that conservation of the environment and degreed areas class and knwonledge will serve to work in the future.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Good Friend

My friends is Raul Atudillo; live in El Asiento, a Town of San Felipe Province in the valley of Aconcahua. he is mechanical automotris but work of heavy equipment operator at a midle mine in the same place. he did not want to go to university to specialize, because he likes it than make.
Whe i was a child, went of vacation to El Asiento, so we're friend by thirteen or fourteen years more or less. long time for me.
when I lived in San Felipe city, we saw coninued,we were nail and grime, but now wee see rarely time in the years.
I think we complement each other very well. sosotros we laugh a lot, we councils, and we thoroughly enjoyed. the truth. I do not know why we are good friends but we are as brothers.
when we were children, went to hunt, to treck for the mountain, to campain with other friend of group, and did many antics, a good memories. More largest, we went to parties, hunt to girls, and did the same things as boys, but we started to have a new activity, pishing than make when we have some time.
he is funny, Polite, friendly, knows many people, sociable and other things that make it a very good friend.

Why I decided to study Geography

I wanted to study anthropology for archaeologist, it was my first option Geography was my second option because searched other careers geography found, than for the knew was a career super ecologica an area that I liked a too. And as there in anthropology finished studying geography.
nobody helped me to take my decision my family always have than I can make good decisions.
in first year as I wanted to study anthropology had many doubt. But now, i'm happy and don't go anywhere.
i love it biogeography but also related to natural environment there is a forest science magister in ANTUMAPU about wild areas and nature conservation than would like make some time in the future.
good is my histori with geography bye
postscrip i'm can't put any photo, not know because