Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Why I decided to study Geography

I wanted to study anthropology for archaeologist, it was my first option Geography was my second option because searched other careers geography found, than for the knew was a career super ecologica an area that I liked a too. And as there in anthropology finished studying geography.
nobody helped me to take my decision my family always have than I can make good decisions.
in first year as I wanted to study anthropology had many doubt. But now, i'm happy and don't go anywhere.
i love it biogeography but also related to natural environment there is a forest science magister in ANTUMAPU about wild areas and nature conservation than would like make some time in the future.
good is my histori with geography bye
postscrip i'm can't put any photo, not know because

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  1. You're gonna specialize yorself in the area of conservation, you're gooing to be the next Camellón!!