Wednesday, 16 June 2010


To see, that I should talking you now. Exist many thing of which would could talk.
Already i know. I will speak about football word cup
As everyone know the word cup get started the June eleven with the match between South African and Mexico that end one to one. This match no it was very good at the football but, for me, in the second time it was exciting with South African better played than Mexico. I would liked that winner was South African for be the organizer and because I don’t like the Mexican I fell very bad.
The important in this World cup is, for any Chilean, the participation of team selection Chile and, for me, the other teams selections of South American but first Chile. I really nervous and anxious for see the match of Chile with Honduras, I am organizing with my friends to watch the matches of Chile. A match that liked me was Germany versus Australia, the better match of cup until now.
Now in the match of Chile to support Chile to win the golden cup

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