Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Good Friend

My friends is Raul Atudillo; live in El Asiento, a Town of San Felipe Province in the valley of Aconcahua. he is mechanical automotris but work of heavy equipment operator at a midle mine in the same place. he did not want to go to university to specialize, because he likes it than make.
Whe i was a child, went of vacation to El Asiento, so we're friend by thirteen or fourteen years more or less. long time for me.
when I lived in San Felipe city, we saw coninued,we were nail and grime, but now wee see rarely time in the years.
I think we complement each other very well. sosotros we laugh a lot, we councils, and we thoroughly enjoyed. the truth. I do not know why we are good friends but we are as brothers.
when we were children, went to hunt, to treck for the mountain, to campain with other friend of group, and did many antics, a good memories. More largest, we went to parties, hunt to girls, and did the same things as boys, but we started to have a new activity, pishing than make when we have some time.
he is funny, Polite, friendly, knows many people, sociable and other things that make it a very good friend.

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