Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Rugby union is a full contact team sport, a form of football which originated in England in the early 19th century. One of the codes of rugby football, it is based on running with the ball in hand. It is played with an oval-shaped ball, outdoors on a level field, usually with a grass surface, up to 100 metres long and 70 metres wide.On each goal line are H-shaped goal posts.
Rugby union is played between two teams, each of which starts the match with 15 players on the field. During the match, players may be replaced or substituted (A player who has been replaced may not rejoin play unless he was temporarily replaced to have bleeding controlled; a player who has been substituted may return temporarily, to replace a player who has a blood injury, or permanently, if he is replacing a front-row forward

Chile 1 Honduras 0

The match between Chile and Honduras was very ecxiting, i remember that saw the match, first match of chile in the world cup, in the university. the first time i was watch in the Titanic build and second tima i was watch in the auditorium.
first ia waas with my friends andres, dennis, david and natalia and after i was watch the match with my girl friend and his friends Yessenia and Paz, and my friends Rodrigo and Fernanda.
i liked the game was beatiful see again the chilean team selection ina a new word cup
apart from chile played very good missed more gol.
the better of chiel was the touch and search the victorry for at all
the worst was that chiel not well defined so here was not much scoring.
I would have liked to play Humberto Suazo. without the lack of definition is very large. think also that chile, to most, it lacks physical power state, But the Chilean technique I think is very good.
to be World Cup champion, we lack even a long way. there are other teams such as Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, we are light years ahead. but I hope to see my country world champion one day