Monday, 7 June 2010

favourite geography subject .

the best class for me is camellon class with the teacher camellon. no, seriously speaking. the class than more liked me was conservation of the environment and degraded areas, one and two, with teacher Rodrigo Vargas Rona better known as "should buy an auto perico",Nickname we gave him to my friends. I enjoyed because had much field trip where i learned a lot, thing will serve me and also i did know best to my classmate. it was class very special. also gain very practical knowledge.
in this semester i feel than learned english, i beleave than class where learned more, is not stroke back to the teacher. the back semesster with coservation of the environment and degreed areas i learn to that is, measure, treat, predict, a gully
and other forms of erotion and and how to work in groups to the field trip.
I beleave that conservation of the environment and degreed areas class and knwonledge will serve to work in the future.

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  1. Well hank, I`m according with you, Camellon or Rudy Feler is a very good teacher. He speak all the class, some times he can boring us but were the fieldtrip where we learned a lot.