Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Greatest Chilean

I believe that the more great chilean of all time, is a person very important for the history of country.
In my opinion the more greates chilean of all time is Pirulete. this person is a caricature of Guido Vallejos in the comisc barrabases.
The team captain, scorer par excellence, a favorite of the fans and critics. Pirulete is the player who as captain struggle every day to be an example to follow, it is a great athlete with a tremendous love for his jersey and a great person. Pirulete is the scorer of the team and is responsible for most wins Barrabes.
Pirulete is an excellent athlete example for everyone, scorer and one of the most important players in the world
Pirulete is importan becose thanks to him, was world champion Chile, being their captain and top scorer.
I would ask many question to Pirulete, but, for me the question more important is what di youfeel, to win the world football cup?
Other important person is Mr. Pipa. This is the Couch of barrabases team and chilean team tah win the world football cup. Is a Ex-footballer also is a excellent person

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