Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fiestas patrias

I prefer write about a fiestas patrias memory when i was younger. I did have fifteen or fourteen yeras old, i went with my family, my parents, my sister and my brother to El Asiento town in San Felipe city, when my mather family live. The place is a very rural, and in the fiel the fiestas patrias is very goods, the partie is very enjoy.
I and a good friendwent to Guaton Loyola Fonda in Los Andes, but as was very expencive better we went to Saonde Fonda in Putaendo, also famous. In the place dancing and drinking with others friends, every super good but altough we went to home, in the tome of photografy we were fall a seat in ours head. I was beleave tah fall a foco from the ceiling. We were seeing a seat in the floor and a men escaping. The finally the piliceman cash to men and we were com to ours house with a bump in the head.

These fiestas patrias is memorable becose i was enjoy very good and the seat in the head was enjoying.

My past fiestas patrias is also enjoy, less extreme but more joyfuls

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