Tuesday, 7 September 2010

student demostrations

The student were demonstrations because is the first option for to express their point of view to society or the politic order. The demonstrations can be for different reasons such as opposition or afraid about a law or action of the governments or the politic of the university or school or in opposition about an action company. It is much reason for student demonstrations in my opinion the great majority justified.
Now the student demonstrations are in opposition about an intention of government for get it out the fourteen percent of financing to publics universities; to privatize, more and more, the educations.
I am absolutely convinced that the education, school education and university school, has to be stimulate for state and government. The municipal education has to be replaced for a state education and the university education has to be partial or totality financed for the state so I am totally agree with the demonstrations.


  1. What are you saying!?

    Stop lying Gimeno!

    I know that in the deep of your mind you want the education to be privatized. You live in the "high neighborhood" after all.

    No, it was a joke ;), see ya' at Fau

  2. jajajajaj that crazy post of c├ęsar jajajaja