Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A good movie

I seen recetly the movie "furious of titan".in the last wikend i went at hoyts cinema of agustinas to see the movie. it about the hero perseo, of the greg mytologie, and his fight with the god hades for salvation of grece.
in the movie perseo is son of zeus thith the mortal woman, and is abandoned to be born. A fisherman find the boy and the breeding as his own son. how grow perseo, hades kill his family adoptive and he know than is a demigod. In this way beging his revenge against hades and other gods and by shants save to grece. for that he fight with giants scorpions, a monster envoy for hades, medusa, a woman with hairs of snike and than transform to all the than see, and finally,for his revange and salvation for grece, must kill at the big monster "the kraken", a monster than until the gods afraid.
I liked it because it is a very entertaining movie with good special effects, special to go see the cinema

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  1. Ohhh!
    You saw the same film as me!
    Why is it?
    jajaja I love you