Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An Activity You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time.

One of my favourite free time activities is drawing food. i don't draw many good but i effort for make good. i don't draw many often, i make, so so, one draw for month, but in occaision draw more often. draw come of family for my father and my sister are good drawings. i started whit the draw, so so, when i'm in basic fith our more good i discovery than have a few of talent. i enjoy is hobby because relax me and to express many sentiment with the draw. And even if they do well is always better to try


  1. So you must show us your drawings, you can mount a gallery of art!

  2. My love, I think you draw very well, making drawings are beautiful!

  3. Good writing but a bit short!!!

  4. that beautiful that you like drawing :)
    me too, aslo I like to paint.

    a hug for you Fernando!