Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A memorable date in chilean history

hello my brothers, now i say my history about the earthquake of the 27 of febreary.
I was in the frieds house, whith my brother, the girl friend my brother, my sister Tati, my frieds owner house and girl friend of the owner house. we were eating pizza and talking many thing, how in the moment the earthquake begin. my frieds owner house will to search his mother in the house. i felt the wave in the soil, for me it was fun, but i think in my loved ones and others feeling born, fear, concern, aguish, for there. for luck can talk wiht my family for celphone but with my girl frieds ( she was in Puerto montt city) can´t talk, thing than worried me much. finally can spoke with camila to the two pm. then i could relax.

over time looked for radio the disaster than leaved the earthquake.

i think than the authorities were wrong in some thing and than there many information than we will not know in long long time


  1. When I heard that the quake had been grade 8 in Santiago, I wanted to talk to you love!!
    was horrible not knowing how you were!!

  2. wow Hank, i can´t believe that you thought than fantastic earthquake jaja,, cold blood you! i was with friends too but only even two o´clock...

    well, the important is than we are fine with our families!! see you soon